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Conference Room Reservation in SE2

Campus Reservation System

The campus' integrated campus room reservation system is located at EMS.

EMS Booking Tip

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General Policy Governing Rooms in Science & Engineering Building 2

  • Room Hours: 7:00AM to 7:00PM, Monday - Friday.  Please note that the Dean's suite (SE2-315) closes at 5PM.  Visit for more information on conference room hours located in other buildings.   

  • Room Access: SE2 conference rooms will remain unlocked Monday – Friday from 7:00AM - 7:00PM.  As such, you will not need a CatCard for entry.  If your event starts after 7:00PM or you require weekend access, please visit

  • Keep Conference Rooms Clean and Orderly: All materials including TRASH and FOOD must be REMOVED when the room is vacated.  DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE LOWERING OR ELEVATION OF THE BLINDS IN THE CONFERENCE ROOMS WITH ANY OBJECTS (be sure trash cans, chairs, etc. are clear of the blinds when they lower), as obstruction may result in costly damage to the blinds.  Additional guidelines can be found on:

  • Keep Room Equipment Intact: Any equipment in the room including lectern components, remote controls, cables, and projector and computer hardware must not be removed, reconfigured, tampered with, or damaged in any way. Projectors must be turned off when not in use.  

  • Priority Usage / "By Request" Rooms: 

    • The following conference rooms in SE2 are bookable on EMS "By Request": SE2-224, SE2-302, and 324.  
    • These rooms will be reviewed for approval before the room request is confirmed. You will receive two emails 1) one to acknowledge a submitted Request and 2) one to confirm that a Request has been approved.  Allow up to three (3) days for an approval confirmation response.
    • If you need to use a room that requires approval before the three (3) day window, please contact the Room Manager (Room Approver Directory) regarding the reservation.
    • The School of Engineering reserves the right to change/cancel room reservations in SE2-324, SE2-302, SE2-224 based on priority need (i.e. Dean's meeting, Faculty Meeting, Faculty Recruitment). If your booking needs to be canceled due to priority event, you may need to find an alternative venue if there is no other availability in SE2.
      • The Dean’s Conference room SE2-324 is prioritized for the Dean’s use.
      • If a room is booked in SE2-302, priority will be given to faculty seminars during the recruitment season, SE2 faculty hosted seminars or meetings requiring the use of videoconferencing.
  • Priority Usage Room bookings requiring additional information:
    • Recurring/series requests: Group lab meetings in excess of two hours.
    • Daily room reservations
  • Appropriate Purpose:
    • SE2 Conference rooms should NOT be used for academic courses or course-related room needs (i.e. office hours, final exams, lectures/make-up class sessions, discussions, labs etc should be coordinated via the Registrar’s Office ( Please contact your respective Academic Support Manager for such room requests. School of Engineering contact:
    • Seminar Series associated with a seminar class should be scheduled through the Registrar's Office and will not be held in SE2 conference rooms.  
    • Graduate program seminars and hosted meetings must be coordinated through the Graduate Program Chairs (or designate).
    • Other faculty hosted seminars will be scheduled on an as available basis and may be subject to change due to faculty recruitment (i.e., SE2-302) or Dean's priority usage (i.e., SE2-324 and SE2-224).
    • Graduate lab meetings priority will be provided to SOE faculty and SNS faculty residing in SE2.
  • Events Coordination: For official school events requests, room reservations should be coordinated through the school's events unit and/or designated staff.
  • Student Organization: If your event is for a student organization, we recommend that your group consider booking rooms in the library conference rooms and/or that requests go through the unit that oversees your student organization.  Please note that we are not able to accommodate student group requests for recurring semester-long reservations.  
  • Changes/Cancellation Notification: For any changes, cancellations, room logistics, or questions concerning reservations, please update your EMS booking details.  If you have any specific question, do not hesitate to contact the SoE front desk at 209-228-4411 or

To report any issues or if you have any questions regarding conference rooms: 209-228-4411 |

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