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Engineering S&E II building with students

Our Vision

We strive to recruit top quality faculty members to help build on the foundation that has already been set in place -- an engineering school characterized by world-class research and education. Our scholars have worked tirelessly to develop their own research programs and groups; to establish strong foundational curricula, course offerings and the framework for student success; and to create from scratch the physical and administrative academic infrastructure necessary upon which to build the 10th University of California campus.

We have also assembled a talented and committed staff that provides the outstanding support necessary for the administration of the School of Engineering and the success of our academic mission.

In addition to, and clearly supportive of, this overarching goal of developing a strong research framework, our vision for the program has included five additional specific goals:

  1. Establish a strong and sustainable foundation for student recruitment, retention, and success that will contribute substantially to the nation's dwindling technical workforce, and nourish future engineering research and development.
  2. Build an engineering program that will serve as a model for diversity, representation, and inclusiveness within which our students, our faculty, and our staff can reach their highest potential.
  3. Fulfill our commitment to the University of California in creating a framework for shared faculty governance based on administrative openness and collective decision making.
  4. Fulfill our commitment to the region and the state in helping to bring improved economic development and educational opportunity to California's Central Valley.
  5. Leverage fully the innovation of modern information technology to empower significantly the personal and professional productivity of our academic community.