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Robot-Assisted Precision Irrigation Delivery (RAPID for short)
A unique, interdisciplinary team of exceptional faculty and students are bringing artificial intelligence and robotics to croplands in the Valley, developing game-changing advancements in water conservation and sustainable farming.
20th Annual UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium | June 27, 2019
The UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium is an annual event where faculty, staff members and students from bioengineering/biomedical engineering departments at all 10 campuses come together to share the latest ideas in biomedical engineering research.
Innovate to Grow | May 17, 2019
Student Innovations
Engineering seniors engage with industry on design projects gaining experiential learning along the way
Sustainability & Renewable Energy
Sustainability is in our DNA - explore the myriad of research we do in the San Joaquin Valley.

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June 14, 2019

The practice of sharing our possessions is something that most of us learned in childhood. Now, UC Merced Professor Anita Bhappu is expanding that idea to the workplace through a research study...

June 13, 2019

At the northern tip of the UC Merced campus, an unremarkable aluminum gate leads into a field that extends, seemingly, into infinity. Perpendicular to the gate, the LeGrand Canal, drawn from Lake...

Participating in research activities through UROC enriches their undergraduate experience and prepares them for graduate study and beyond.
June 13, 2019

The opportunity to participate in cutting-edge scientific research as an undergraduate is one of the most exciting aspects of a UC Merced education. One of the best preparation opportunities for...

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You’ve never visited a campus like UC Merced. Our sustainable campus is home to a diverse community of students and faculty researchers in the heart of California’s agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley.


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UC Merced Campus, various

The UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium is an annual event where faculty, staff members and students from bioengineering/biomedical engineering...

Science & Engineering Building 2 - Solar Breezeway

Oustanding Student Reception for the School of Engineering and School of Natural Sciences. For additional information, call the School of...

Gallo Gym and various campus locations

Innovate to Grow is the School of Engineering's marquee event showcase UC Merced student ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Our Fall event...




Ranked 134th Best Graduate Engineering Program


Women make up 20% of Undergraduate Engineering Students


Number of Early Career Award Recipients (UC Merced)


Ranked 85th Best Environmental Engineering Program

University of California Television (UCTV)

A team of researchers from UC Merced is developing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for powering vehicles at TEEL, the Thermal and Electrochemical Energy Laboratory.
Series: "Sustainable California" [Show ID: 33837]


University of California Television (UCTV)

The University of California Water Security and Sustainability Research Initiative aims to train the next generation of water leaders in the state.
Series: "Sustainable California" [Show ID: 33531]


University of California Television (UCTV)

An overview of the complex relationship California has with its watershed.
Series: "Sustainable California" [Show ID: 34781]