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Lucio Moreno

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Lucio Alfonso Moreno is a first-generation college student who attended UC Merced because he really wanted to make his abuela proud. Everything he learned about being a hard worker and showing kindness, came from her. He is grateful for everything his family has done for him. Lucio got into mechanical engineering through his high school robotics club, where he spent countless nights designing, prototyping, and building these machines to perform basic, sometimes complicated, tasks. He really enjoyed the whole process of learning how things work, that, and being good at math, made engineering a good fit. Lucio’s years in Merced were full and remarkable. He worked as a PALS tutor in mathematics. He enjoyed teaching his peers and seeing them succeed in their courses. During his undergraduate career, he was able to participate in two internships. The first with E&J Gallo Winery and the second with John Deere after being speaking to a recruiter at an NSBE conference. He even studied abroad in London during spring 2020 and highly encourage others to take part in it as well. After graduating Lucio plans on traveling a bit to other States and then getting a job focused on 3D modeling software to create or manufacturing products. He intends to complete a master’s degree in the future.


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