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Instructional Logistics

Lecturer/TA Office Hours and Keys

Lecturers and TAs should forward the days and times they are planning to hold their office hours to Kathy Briggs . The office assignments for respective office hours are pending that response, so please provide them as soon as possible. Those who currently have a key checked out may keep it until they are no longer an instructor or TA. Those who need a key can see Kathy in SE2 322 to check one out.

Desk Copies

Faculty should work with the appropriate publisher representative to get desk copies. Assistance is provided for new lecturers and TAs only. Those who have checked out a desk copy for the academic year, and are no longer assigned to the course, are asked to return it to SE2 322 ASAP so that it may be used by the assigned TA each semester. Those who need to check out a desk copy, can email Kathy Briggs so that its availability can be confirmed.

Instructional Copy Code

Please note that instructional copy codes are for instructional copies only. The instructional copy code is emailed to the instructor(s) of record along with a link to this page every semester. Copy codes are course-specific and change each term.

Instructional copy code can be used at the following locations:

  • Science and Engineering 2 265
  • Science and Engineering 2 365
  • Science and Engineering (SE) 247
  • Science and Engineering (SE) 347
  • Classroom and Office Building (COB) 310
  • Academic Office Annex Building (AOA)
  • Social Sciences and Management Building (SSM) 256
  • Social Sciences and Management Building (SSM) 350

Copy support is provided by Educational Services staff when there is no TA assigned to the course or an exception is made due to a high workload of the TA assigned to the course.

Instructional Computing Support

For those that teach a lab course using Linux, instructional computing support can be requested by emailing . For those teaching a lab course using Windows, you may request support by emailing

Accreditation System

The School of Engineering Accreditation System (SOEAS) is a database driven system intended to facilitate the collection of curriculum and assessment information within the School of Engineering (syllabus, learning outcomes and student surveys) to be used on accreditation processes (ABET and WASC). The system also helps the school academic support group in generating printed and electronic versions of syllabi for all engineering classes and the distribution of these information to students, faculty, staff and the general public by feeding in real time the School of Engineering websites as information becomes available.

It is the responsibility of each instructor of record to submit a syllabus for their course each term that they teach. An email with the system link will be sent to engineering instructors before the term begins. Submission of the term specific syllabus is due by the first day of instruction.

Course Evaluation System

Student course evaluations are used as an important source of information for the future improvement of courses and instruction. At the end of each term of instruction, students enrolled in engineering classes are sent a link to complete their course evaluation. After grades for the class have been posted, instructors and teaching assistants are sent a link to review their evaluations.

Scantron Machine

There is a scantron machine available for use in Science and Engineering Building 1, Room 347. Directions for use may be downloaded here.

Section Assignments

Census is on the third week of every semester. For Fall 2018, it is Wednesday, September 12.

It is very important that all instructor/TA assignments are correct in the Banner Student Information System, not only for Course Management System (CatCourses) access (please see below) but specifically for reporting to the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) as well as for the end of semester course evaluation process to ensure students are completing course evaluations for the correct instructor.

Please visit the following link to confirm that your section assignments are correct each semester:

If there are any errors in the instructor assignments, please email to let the SoE Scheduling staff know what changes are needed a week before census each semester so that any necessary changes can be reported to the Office of the Registrar before the census snapshot is taken. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Lab Access

All lab access will be set by the first day of instruction. If you do not have access to the labs for which you will need access in order to teach your class by the first day of instruction, please contact:

Deadline, Forms, Grading, Accommodating Students, FERPA

Important Office of the Registrar information can be found at the following link tailored specifically for instructional faculty and staff:

The following is a link for information of how to implement CatCourses: