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Tanner Ragan

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Tanner’s family has been his strongest supporters throughout his life. His mom and dad were his greatest mentors who taught him to be disciplined, respect others, and to never give up. Tanner would like to acknowledge his brother, Chase Ragan for guiding him onto the path of research and for teaching him to live and treat life preciously. Tanner wanted to make the most out of his college experience at UC Merced by working hard throughout his courses and learning from his faculty and peers. It wasn’t until 2020 when Tanner decided to pursue undergraduate research in Dr. Martini’s Lab. Due to the pandemic COVID-19 lockdown, Tanner adapted and learned numerical modelling. This experience led him to enjoy research in computational fluid dynamics. Tanner hopes to earn his PhD in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering and use his experience to help others strive for success.

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