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Tamunotubo George

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

My name is Tamunotubo George. For most, I go by Tam. I am a Mechanical Engineering student. I chose this major because it allowed me the creative space to learn about things I wanted to know. I enjoy learning about topics like thermodynamics, fluid mechanicals, material strength and more. UC Merced has gifted me more than I ever expected, from my freshman year till now, UC Merced continues to give. I am so proud and thankful to be nominated as the Outstanding student in Mechanical Engineering at UC Merced. Through the years, UC Merced has helped to bring new friends, new connections, internships, research opportunities, scholarships and more into my life. And finally, in no small part, UC Merced has helped me secure the job I really wanted. I am proud and very thankful to God that I have been offered employment from Chevron, for the role of a design engineer. I love UC Merced, I will miss UC Merced, and I hope to give back to UC Merced as much as it has given me.

P.S shout out to Prof. Francois Blanchette, a great mentor, role model, and friend.

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