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Matthew Escamilla

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

I would like to thank the School of Engineering at the University of California, Merced for the opportunity to earn my degree in mechanical engineering. I’m grateful to have chosen to transfer to the University of California, Merced from a local community college in Orange County, California. As I have always had a passion for science and engineering ever since high school my lifetime goal is to become a reliable engineer. I’m very grateful this University had such helpful faculty and useful resources to help me further achieve my lifetime goal. My experience at the University of California, Merced has been a good one and I’m grateful to have been an engineering student here. As it was exciting to be part of a newly developed University within California my realization of the number of resources available was overwhelming. Considering I’m a Southern California-born individual I came to Merced not expecting such a peaceful and small University. As not much is known about the University of California, Merced from where I’m from I can say with confidence that my experience here was most valuable. I will continue to develop as an engineer and provide all I can for the current industry. As I want to acquire a second degree in electrical engineering I wish to become a professional engineer within the state of California. I’m again very grateful for my time at the University of California, Merced and I hope this University will continue to help other students like myself to achieve their lifetime goals.

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