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KRS Murthy

Advisory Bio: 
Life Time Accomplishments Highlights - Child Prodigy Conference Chair and Key Note from his tender teen years. - Shared the stage speaking with Nobel Winners, Presidents, Prime Ministers, $BB CEOs, literary giants, world-famous religious leaders, and many Who’s Whos of the world. - Award-winning professor in SIX departments, all concurrently - Led many $MM foundational research programs bringing in funding from the Army, Navy, Air Force, DARPA, NSF, NIH, NCI, DHS, DOE, CIA, NIST, and Department of Education. - BOD of SIX IEEE Societies and Standards Board. - President of Silicon Valley Engineering Council, a council of 45 leading engineering and technology societies; inducted many Who’s Who in Silicon Valley to the Silicon Valley Hall of Fame. - Chaired world record number of conferences, and in many distinctly diverse disciplines - Developed many novel paradigms, paradigm shifts, paradigm reversals, axiomatic, foundational, and seminal contributions in many distinctly diverse disciplines. - Music compositions and novel paradigms in multiple global music genres of the world - Foundational contributions in linguistics and etymology of Sanskrit and multiple Indian languages. - Led high technology companies and propelled them to accelerated growth and won national-level awards. - Shared the stage lecturing with some leaders of global religions to very large audiences and spectators. More Details:
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