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Julian Gonzalez

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Julian would like to thank the University of California, Merced for recognizing his efforts in school, and providing another first-generation college student with a UC education. He would like to highlight that none of this would have been possible without the support from friends, family and department faculty. He enjoyed taking Thermodynamics from Professor Palk and Fluid Mechanics from Professor Rice and sends a shout out to Professor Brokowski for challenging him the most as an engineering student. Professor Martini had the largest impact on his future. As a fresh transfer student, he met with her after studying her research publications extensively and formulating a sheet of questions to ask. She agreed to add Julian to her research group right then and there during their meeting and he thanks her for the valuable research experience he gained. He is going to miss crossing Scholar’s Bridge to get to class and having picnics by little lake, and above all else, working on problem sets with friends on the SRE whiteboards. Nonetheless, Julian looks optimistically towards the future as he prepares to pursue his master’s degree developing novel cooling strategies at Stanford University.

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