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Gloria Hoefler

VP Research
Advisory Bio: 
Dr. Gloria E. Hoefler is an accomplished technology leader with a track record for bridging strategic business needs with technology roadmaps and spearheading the development of groundbreaking photonic platforms successfully brought to commercialization. She has held positions at 3M, HP/Agilent Technologies, Corning, Infinera and Pacific Biosciences in executive roles that spanned R&D to high-volume manufacturing of optoelectronic and photonic integrated circuits and devices. She led the manufacturing transfer and high-volume ramp of novel high-power and brightness red and amber chips which transformed LED- lighting, signage and automotive applications. This revolutionary technology resulted in >$2B in products sold, billions of devices produced. Along with technical accomplishments, she has worked closely with DoD to secure investment funding to further develop photonic ICs (PICs) foundry processes and tools to design and access InP PICs for a wide range of commercial and defense applications. Gloria is a Fellow of Optica (formerly OSA) and SPIE and serves as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing. She co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed papers, two book chapters in photonic integrated circuits and holds several patents in the field of optoelectronics. She holds Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Pacific Biosciences