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Elana Glenny

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

Why UC Merced?

I chose UC Merced because I wanted to be a part of something new and growing. Also studying a new major on campus, I enjoyed the smaller community and more individualized support.

Why Your Major?

I have always been interested in how things are built, and as a kid I loved passing construction sites. Growing up, I excelled at math and problem-solving which pushed me toward engineering. I've always had a passion for sustainability, and with a degree in civil engineering, I hope to apply my skills to sustainable projects.

Inspiration and Mentors

My family has been an integral part of my academic journey. They have always supported me without judgement which allowed me to grow into who I am today. Additionally, the civil engineering faculty are passionate about the new program and continually advocate for student success.

Memorable Academic Experience

I have enjoyed many of my classes here at UC Merced, and appreciate the opportunity to take classes outside of my major. One of my electives is a remote sensing class, where we learn about satellite imagery and how to use it for our own research. I find it fascinating how we can connect the impacts of human activity on the environment through space, strengthening my passion for sustainability.

What's Next?

After graduating, I will be moving to Maryland for a job at a construction contracting company. I am excited for a new adventure and to apply my skills from school to the field.

Semester Year: