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Devanshu Kumar

Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering

Devanshu Kumar came into the University of California, Merced as a B.S Computer Science and Engineering major. Upon completing his first year, he was inspired by various topics in the field of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence from the Cognitive Science perspective. Hence, Devanshu also pursued a minor in B.S Cognitive Science along with his major in Computer Science and Engineering. Devanshu was involved in a diverse range of experiences at UC Merced. He worked as an Undergraduate Assistant –Data Quality for Stefano Foresti at UC Merced School of Engineering since 2018 where he assisted the transition of most processes into automation for the Innovate to Grow team using software and data. Furthermore, he took the responsibility of serving as a client for a capstone project and guided 3 CSE 120 teams to build a Minimum Viable Product for Veracruz Ventures.In parallel, he also worked on a research project under the guidance of Dr. Tao Ye in creating an application to simulate electric field on the nanoparticle surfaces and he helped scaled the existing simulating software to MERCED Cluster. His research project was approved to be presented in the SACNAS 2019 research conference. Lastly, Devanshu also worked on another research project under the guidance of Dr. Alberto Cerpa, which comprised of building a classification model to detect sensor faults in building HVAC systems. Devanshu attributes his success to his Principal investigators, work mentor, and professors who consistently posed challenges that allowed him to get out of his comfort zone and let him express himself through unfamiliar environments, thus allowing him to learn invaluable skills in research, technical, and professional development. In his free time, Devanshu likes to play sports such as Cricket and Tennis and he likes to take spontaneous trips in the nature or in the city to unwind. He also likes to spend time learning about stock markets as Devanshu will be joining Vanguard as a Software Developer in Malvern, PA upon graduation. Finally, Devanshu shares gratitude towards the UC Merced faculty and his friends and family for making his undergraduate experience a memorable journey towards the next phase of his life.

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