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Anthony Pino


Why UC Merced

I have been in the Central Valley for the majority of my life, so being able to attend a University in the same area allowed me to
start giving back to my community. I was lucky enough to have my older sister attend this university, so I was able to grow a familiarity with the school that would eventually grow into my new home.

Why Your Major

I had experience in the Biotechnology field and was introduced to gene engineering in high school. I wanted to develop my skills and since UC Merced had not yet introduced a Biotechnology major, I decided to choose between Biology and Bioengineering. Ultimately, what helped my decision was my love for math which started at a young age.

Inspiration and Mentors

The biggest inspiration throughout my entire college career has been my family. Both of my parents sacrificed their own chances at higher education to raise my sister and I. My sister, Sofia, has been one of my biggest mentors throughout my academic life opening doors for me and guiding me whenever I felt lost. I thoroughly believe that this award is more of a product of my family's support and guidance than of my own work.

Memorable Academic Experience

The most memorable academic experience I have had has been the various group projects I have been able to partake in. Another would be spending countless late nights with my friends studying for our exams in the library, which I will always look back on and appreciate.

What's Next?

After Graduating, I will be entering the job industry either as a Biomedical Engineer or as a Chemist. After working in the industry for a few years, I hope to return to school and obtain a Master's Degree with hopes of returning to the industry to pursue management roles.

Semester Year: