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Andrew Koerber

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Why UC Merced?

Before coming to UC Merced, I was definitely not considered an 'outstanding student' so UC Merced was only school to accept me.   What I ended up enjoying about Merced was the amount of research opportunities and the atmosphere that allowed me to focus on my academics.

Why Your Major?

I chose mechanical engineering because I wanted to understand how the world works. Also, mechanical engineering is a multifaceted major that gave me a strong basis for many different potential career paths.

Inspiration and Mentors

One of my mentors while I was at UC Merced was Dr. Ricardo Pinto De Castro.  I took his circuit theory class towards the beginning of my time at UC Merced and ended up doing research in his lab later on.  He always provided the help and guidance I needed to do my best, all while pushing me towards bigger and better things.

Memorable Academic Experience

One night, while studying with some friends for a circuit theory midterm, I figured out a good way to explain a difficult concept.  As I was walking my friends through the process, another group of people in our class was walking by and stopped to listen in.  As I kept explaining and going over more problems, more and more people from the class began to join us.  What started as only a few friends studying together turned into a big group of people collaborating and working together.

What's Next?

After graduation, I plan on moving home to Los Angeles, where I will hopefully find a job that will support me getting a masters degree in the future.  I am unsure exactly what kind of engineering job I am going to get, but I know that my time at UC Merced provided me a strong foundation for my career.

Semester Year: