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Alexander Woersching

Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering

Alex graduated UC Merced with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science & Engineering. He originally chose UC Merced because of his older sister’s previous attendance at the university. Alex is a phenomenal student, both in and out of the classroom. He was a star student in UCM’s Computer Networks class. So much so that when he was tutoring students in nesC, a network embedded systems programming language, his peers regarded him as the nes-tor. Wiring a series of 555 timers to a breadboard and an LCD panel, dubbing it the clock biscuit, Alex taught his peers circuits and computer organization. While he maintains his superb grades, he also participates heavily in extracurriculars and research such as being a member in ACS, MESA Lab, NOS, EES, IEEE, AIAA, BMCC Systems, and JM. While Alex is hardworking in his academics, he cares deeply about the community and can often be found enjoying himself in the crystal clear Little Lake. He noticed that many of his peers were having trouble registering for classes because of their capacity, so he built Happy Reggy (a silly abbreviation of happy registration.) It was originally a program used to continuously track course availability from the registrar so that he would be notified of openings in courses that he needed. Many of his peers also were in similar situations, so to accommodate their needs, he converted his program into a service running on a Raspberry Pi in his dorm room sending outgoing emails. Alex started his time at UC Merced in a SPARK class where he met the most influential teacher he would ever have the honor and prestige to come across. This man taught him the ins and outs of computer science. His original dream was to become a quantitative trading analyst to create algorithms that predict the stock market, though that passion did not go according to plan due to the unforeseen consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its effect on the stock market. Alex has several plans for his future, one of which is to become the cofounder of a revolutionary startup based in San Luis Obispo.

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