Sabbatical Leave

To request sabbatical leave for the following year, complete the forms below and submit by November 1st to soe-apstaff@ucmerced.edu

1. Form AP901

2. Teaching Plan Coverage Form

3. Project Statement-Required elements of the statement may be found in APM740-94

Late requests are exceptions:  the school may not be able to accommodate late requests on account of staffing considerations.

Changes to Approved Requests:  you may submit a change request, however, the request must be submitted 4 months before the start of your sabbatical as originally approved.  Please note that approval is not automatic.  Change requests may be denied if budgetary considerations prohibit such changes.

The complete SoE Sabbatical process and timeline may be found here.

How are Sabbatical credits earned?  Please note: the maximum number of credits that may be accured is 20.  You will not continue to accrue credits after reaching the maximum.

Where can I get my balance?  Contact soe-apstaff@ucmerced.edu     In the future, your credit balance will be reflected in digital measures.

Where can I find the sabbatical leave policy? 

                     - UC Policy - APM740

                     - UC Merced Campus MAPP for LPSOE

                     - UC Merced Campus MAPP for Faculty

SoE Policy on borrowing against future sabbatical credits 

Other Leaves

Information regarding other leaves may be found here