Our students learn to make a world of difference today.
Ala Qatawwi
Our entrepreneurial focus provides a challenging classroom experience.
UAVs are more than child’s play in the MESA Lab.
mesa students
Multidisciplinary projects allow students to explore their capabilities.
mesa students
Through his work with UC Water and Prof. Viers, ES student Lorenzo Booth uses maps to find the best climate for crops, earning top prize at American Water Resources Assn.
Students gain professional experience by working on projects with big companies.
lab students


Students Building Living Machines Out of Engineered Tissues

There are many labs at UC Merced where visitors can see students huddled over microscopes and petri dishes, using tweezers to extract and examine different items. But no one at UC Merced has ever... Read More

Scientists Build Synthetic Cell-Sized Membranes Out of Paper

Scientists have been synthesizing lipid membranes from a variety of materials, making them as lifelike as possible to learn more about how cells work and how they can be manipulated. UC Merced... Read More

Current Research & Graduate Students

Ashlie Martini’s fundamental tribology lab is making its mark in the world of academia. The lab has averaged four awards per year dating back to... Learn More

UC Merced is known around the world for its research into the environment and its systems. Our faculty members are experts on the scientific... Learn More