UC Merced is home to UC Solar, which educates and develops tomorrow’s solar energy leaders and entrepreneurs.
Gerardo C. Diaz (left) oversees the Sustainable Plasma Gasification Laboratory, which researches clean methods of waste management.
Gerardo C. Diaz oversees the Sustainable Plasma Gasification Laboratory
Our small campus conducts big research, offering students the opportunity for closer interaction with faculty.
A view of campus facing the Science & Engineering Building
Professor Kara McCloskey's work in stem cells and tissue products has led to numerous research awards.
Roger Bales (in red) is a leading researcher in the impacts of climate change on water resources and the director of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute.

Amped Up

Even engineers let their hair down now and then. At UC Merced, you can enhance your academic studies by participating in a variety of clubs and organizations.


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As the climate warms, sources of the water so critical to life everywhere on Earth are drying up.

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Current Research & Graduate Students

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