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Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Sachin Goyal

Sachin Goyal

Assistant Professor

SRE 329

  • Computational dynamics, mechanics and controls, with applications primarily in micro-scale biological systems
  • Continuum-dynamics- and multi-body-dynamics-based modeling, and inverse modeling, of DNA and proteins, and their interactions
  • Constitutive law modeling of bio-filaments from their molecular dynamics simulations

Venkattraman (Venkatt) Ayyaswamy

Assistant Professor

(209) 228-2359

SRE 365

  • Stochastic methods for engineering applications
  • Non-equilibrium fluid mechanics and plasma physics
  • Simulating plasma processing of nanostructured materials
  • Nano/microfluidics and microplasma

Yanbao Ma

Yanbao Ma

Associate Professor

SRE 357

  • Mesoscale non-diffusive heat transfer
  • Mesoscale mass and energy transport in energy systems
  • Thermal management of electronics and energy systems
  • Environment-friendly water desalination systems

  • Mechatronics Control systems
  • Unmanned aircraft systems
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Applied fractional calculus


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