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Management of Complex Systems (MCS)

Alexander M. Petersen

Assistant Professor

SSM 206B

  • Innovation
  • Careers
  • Complexity
  • Models of science

Female portrait

Anita Bhappu

Associate Professor

SSM 233

  • collaborative consumption
  • employee engagement and inclusion
  • organization-sponsored sharing platforms
  • service delivery and digital retailing
  • team collaboration and workplace diversity

Kathrine Keske

Catherine Keske

Associate Professor

SSM 231

  • Applied economics in mountainous and semi-arctic ecosystems
  • Coupled natural and human systems
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Sense of place
  • Food security and food sovereignty
  • Biomass, bioenergy, and biochar

Jeffrey Jenkins

Assistant Professor

Social Sciences and Management 202B

  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Critical resource geography
  • Landscape values
  • Participatory mapping
  • Public lands and protected areas

LeRoy Westerling


(209) 756-8793

SSM 232

  • Applied climatology
  • Climate-ecosystem-wildfire interactions
  • Statistical modeling for seasonal forecasts, paleofire reconstructions and climate-change impact assessments
  • Resource management and policy

Lisa Yeo

Assistant Professor

SSM 204A

  • Economics of information systems
  • Security and privacy
  • Knowledge management
  • Decision support
  • Behavioral operations

Paul Maglio

Professor and Chair (MCS)

SSM 206A

  • Service science
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Distributed cognition

Russ McBride

Assistant Professor

SSM 202A

Entrepreneurship theory with elements of cognitive science and philosophy

Tea Lempiälä

Assistant Professor

SSM 206A

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