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Contacts & Resources for New Faculty

Parking & ID

See New Faculty Summary Sheet - (Updated Version Coming Soon!)

Office/Lab Space Assignment 

  • Senior Assistant Dean: Dr. German Gavilan
  • Assignment of office
  • Receipt of keys, if applicable; otherwise all access via CatCard
  • Instructional Support Inquiries
  • Phone Line Assignment - see Personnel Office

Personnel & Business/Resarch Support Office

  • Chief of Staff and Asssistant Dean of Finance and Administration: Roseanna Barron (x4494)
  • Director of Finance: Cindy Love (x2971)
  • Senate Faculty: Manivan Pornnang/Sandy Rodriguez (x2972)
  • Non-Senate Faculty: Petra Martins (x2261)
  • Academic Personnel Benefits Page
  • Research Support Staff: to be assigned (List of Assignment - Coming Soon!)

Student Support Services

  • Assistant Dean of Student Support: Linda Zubke (x6317)
  • Graduate Students Support: Tomiko Hale (x4586)
  • Instructional/Curriculum Support Staff: Kathrine Briggs (x2939)
  • Assigned Grants/Contracts Support Staff:
  • Assigned Purchasing Support Staff:

Desktop Computing Setup & Support

Website (UC Merced): Communications Department

(Updated 4.2017)