From the Dean

Dear Future Engineer:

Our engineering profession is at the epicenter of ways for improving lives in both the developing and developed worlds. At UC Merced, you will have the opportunity to learn with us about how engineering and appropriate technology helps people.

From the time you enter our program, you will be exposed to new technologies that will become the tools you will use in solving problems and delivering exciting new products and services to society. Your experiences both inside and outside the classroom will provide a solid foundation for a career of leadership and responsibility.

You have embarked on an exciting journey. Your engineering education at UC Merced will be both challenging and satisfying, and will give you the chance to meet some extraordinary people: world-class faculty members, committed fellow students, dedicated staff members, and partners from the local community and around the world. The global social network you will develop in engineering and beyond during your time at UC Merced will last throughout your career.

Your education in engineering is a launching pad. Some of you will go on to pursue careers in engineering design, others will become engineering managers, and still others will pursue graduate education in engineering or perhaps go into international development or other professions such as medicine or law.

Once you master the methods of engineering problem-solving, you will have the skills and flexibility to chart your own course, and to adapt to whatever your future holds.

Congratulations on your vision and initiative. I look forward to welcoming you into our program and watching you develop into a technical leader for tomorrow.


E. Daniel Hirleman

Dean, School of Engineering